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Asli Nuskha-e-Khas

Sexual problems are perhaps the most poorly understood and mismanaged of all medical disorders. Many sexual problems are found in human beings like Oligospermia, Infertility, Azoospermia, Prostate Hipertrophy.

“Asli Nuskha-e-Khas” effectively helps against all above mentioned diseases in along with  Night emission, Erection dysfunction by enabling proper blood supply to penis and one can get erection hard and long enough for sex. Thus it helps to increase satisfaction of intercourse for men and increases Intra-vaginal ejaculatory latency time. Moreover it is equally effective against uncomfortable urinary diseases & dysfunctions of the liver, bladder, kidneys and the digestive system but also energizes the entire human body’s organ.

It is also ideal remedy for those who dread the idea of marriage and intimacy while suffering from performance and other related anxieties. It is also beneficial in alleviating the ailments related to diabetic patients; Diabetic impotency and helps to control sugar. It also regulates blood pressure and works as miracles in curing coughs, cold, influenza, nasal congestion and other respiratory conditions. In men of all ages, “Asli Nuskha-e-Khas”  revives and activates vigor and manly powers.

Whether you are blissfully married or still thriving on the throngs of bachelor-hood. Regardless of the nature of the ailments, every weakness, especially the variety that can cause depression, can be eliminated, leaving you rekindled with the hope & joyfully able to lead a happy and fulfilling life. “Asli Nuskha-e-Khas” is unequaled in utility and distinct in its potent, remedial powers. “Asli Nuskha-e-Khas” delivers generous amounts of vigor & strength to weakened physiques & has been developed under the guidance of Hakeem Tehseen’s own vigilant expertise and enlightened experience with a board of Herbal Specialists & Medical Experts from Dawakhana Hakeem Tehseen.

Patients suffering from diseases for which remedies are not acknowledged, are urged to utilize “Asli Nuskha-e-Khas” and get benefit from its remedial and curative powers.